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We vote on the first Tuesday of November because the first Monday would have caused people to have to travel on the Sabbath in the early 19th century to get from their farms to the big city on time to vote. That was back in the day when Sunday was still sacred in terms of pausing to give thanks to our Lord for all that we had received the other six days by God’s grace. Sadly, many people are so disappointed at our presidential candidate choices that many aren’t even going to travel across the street to vote this November...and frankly, most people don’t feel the need to pause on the Sabbath to give thanks anymore, either. 

Lutheran Christians are happy to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of our nation, but faithful Lutheran Christians really don’t need that day. Every Sunday Sabbath liturgy has a remarkable amount of proper good thanksgiving and praise being offered to our Lord from start to finish. Every Sabbath day we rest from receiving from God to remember where all in life comes from and where it is all going back to. Yet even within that Sabbath rest of worship, God continues to give us the most precious priceless gifts that exist in His Word and of salvation too wonderful for the world to comprehend without faith. 

It is also appropriate for us to pledge a portion of our income back to God each November in thanksgiving for what He has first given us. We are not owners but stewards, caretakers of all that God has given is all His to be used to His glory by us for a very short time so that we can bless others in our blessings great and small. When it comes to God’s grace, mercy, and peace, we who seriously worship, study, serve, love, and seek the Lord Jesus are not just drinking from the cup, we’re drinking from the saucer, because our cups are overflowing with His special kind of love and compassion. No matter what our health, no matter what our financial situations, the Holy Spirit makes us fully aware of God’s greater everlasting gifts, so we by faith swim in spiritual gravy of thanksgiving and pass it on to our loved ones around the table of our existence. 

Each Sunday Sabbath rest, imperfect as we are at CTK, we as a church family remind ourselves through our thanksgiving liturgy that God not only gives us the material things we need, but also the much more important eternal blessings that will last forever. Phil. 4 says it clearly: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to  God and you will have peace that only God can give.” 

So as disappointed as many of us are at our presidential choices this year, we should still vote even if we can’t celebrate that vote. It is our patriotic duty. But here’s an action and duty as a Christian you can really celebrate: Lutheran CTK family members who pledge their first fruits to the Lord are voting with confidence in a tangible way that our church’s mission to share the Gospel in such a world and nation as ours ultimately matters most. By pledging an honorable portion of our income we are filled with thanksgiving and peace all year long that our nation’s issues are not the center of the universe. This November, I am more grateful than ever that God is that center, and your life and mine are secure in God’s great, loving, and perfect hands. So when you pass the gravy around the table this Thanksgiving, even if it’s a little lumpy, remember that God has given you life, and even if your life is a little lumpy sometimes, it’s best lived in, with, and under God’s amazing grace and shared with others.

It must be November: Vote, Pledge, and Give thanks! 

Pastor Chuck

Posted by Monthly Message at 10:49 AM