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May…I help you? The month of May, named after the mythological Greek goddess of fertility, blooms with Memphis flowers that have followed Memphis April showers. Over time, May has also become the month most ripe with Spiritual fruit for the picking here at CTK. Far from winding down before the heat of summer comes; the month of May now bursts at its springtime seams with opportunities for commemoration, celebration and service.


Baptisms, Confirmation, graduations, Mother’s Day, chapel services, Missionarycommissioning and the always exciting (not kidding) Budget Voter’s Meeting at 7pm on the 24 th of May! Lord, May…we help you? The May Budget Voter’s meeting every year answers yes to that question as our decisions during that important meeting give birth to the other eleven months of ministry in terms of how we prioritize our CTK ministries. There are all kinds of reasons to love the springtime month of May, but our Budget voter’s meeting tops them all for me!  This year’s CTK mission agenda is particularly rich and fruitful for those in our spiritual family and in our surrounding community. As you “May” have heard our congregation has found it necessary to split our caring ministries into two positions on our council because we have become ever more involved in serving the vulnerable among us and around us. Please recognize with me what that says: you CTK are very busy doing unto the least of these as though you are doing unto the Lord Jesus Himself! Memphis is noticing and our Lord is blessing your efforts. Thanks to all who are moving us to put our resources where our Biblical intentions need to be.

“May-be” you remember that this month of May starts in earnest our various 500th Lutheran Reformation celebrations at CTK. Every Sunday morning from May through October 31 st between our worship services we will inject some extra Lutheranization into our Christian faith and walk with God! I have mailed you a solid study agenda focusing on our Lutheran heritage and Biblical foundation for that heritage, and most importantly why it matters today more than ever!  And lest we forget: We continue to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we patiently look for the best ways to faithfully and responsibly improve our service to our Savior via building/campus facility improvements this year at 5296 Park Avenue. We’re making progress…and I am beyond thankful to our leadership for their prayerful considerations as we move towards building for future generations of mCTK members and those they will bless with the Gospel.

So you just gotta love the month of May at CTK. Its not just about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees…its all about love…God’s love fertile with potential to bring new life to CTK, Memphis and the whole world. happen according to your grace dear Lord!

Pastor Chuck
Posted by Monthly Message at 12:00 AM